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Multiple personalities essay sample


Dissociative identity disorder is another term for multiple personality disorder. Thus, the identity of a person is fragmented into two or more distinct personalities. Each of these personalities takes control over an individual. What is important to mention is that some of these multiple personalities may be violent or aggressive. Thus, an individual may be hurting someone without his or her knowledge.

The primary identity of an individual is the one that carries the name. What is more, this identity is passive as well as guilty, dependent and depressed. It is clear that the name, gender, age, knowledge and mood of alternative personalities are different from the predominant one.

When trying to explain why some people suffer from a dissociative identity disorder, the first aspect to mention is that the person is the victim of sever abuse. In most cases abuse occurred during childhood years and has had a tremendous impact on the psychological state of a person.

It could have been any kind of abuse: emotional, physical and sexual. In case you require more information regarding the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to visit …