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Private vs. public self essay sample


Perhaps, it is not a secret that our public self is a little bit (or in some cases a lot) different from our private self.

What is necessary to mention in this respect is that our public self is quite often the edited version of our private self. To be more specific, not all people are able to behave naturally when they are in public which is the reason why we do not reveal everything about ourselves when we are in public.

The most important question in this respect is as follows: is this so-called social editing a good thing?

Well, it is not that simple to answer a question like that. The thing is that it may viewed as the desire to hide our true self. Perhaps, it should be said that there are several points of view regarding this issue and it is impossible to decide whether one of them is the right one. The more you research this issue, the more information you come across. In case you want to take a look at more detailed materials, proceed to …