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Negative impact of Hollywood on society.Essay sample


The first aspect which should be mentioned in terms of that impact which Hollywood has on society is the why in which it shapes our perception of beauty. It is obvious that being beautiful is simple when your make-up has been done by a professional as well as when some parts of your party have been photoshopped.

However, it is not the way celebrities look in real life. They are normal people as we all are. What it presupposes is that they also have body imperfections. The problem is that it is really easy to hide them with the help of specific instruments. As a result, the media creates a certain fashion or beauty icon which a lot of girls aspire to. The thing is that the media as well as Hollywood in particular create the ideal image of a person which is non-existent in real life. The situation gets worse when teenagers believe what they see on TV or in magazines. As a result, they decide to do everything they can in order to look like their favorite celebrity which may result in several health and mental problems. Find out more about this issue here …