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Workers should get four weeks paid vacation each year. Essay sample


Perhaps, what every employer should understand is that the overall perception of work is changing these days. To be more specific, the employee no longer needs to spend their entire day in the office in order to come up with great results. More and more people prefer working at home. What is interesting is that home can be in any part of the planet which is the reason why outsourcing is so popular these days. In addition, it is also effective and may be quite beneficial for your company.

Young employees also enjoy freelancing which allows them to control their own timetable and work during the most productive time for them. Another important aspect to take into consideration is that the way an office space looks these days is changing as well. To specify, you will most likely find a gym in the office, lots of break rooms with comfortable sofas and board games as well as a specifically designed room for naps. The thing is that short naps during the day have proven to increase productivity. Apart from that, it is also necessary to give your employees more time to rest in order to recharge. That is the reason why giving a four weeks paid vacation to every employee is a great idea. Learn more at …