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Overview of Starbucks company essay sample


One of the most distinctive features of the Starbucks business model is that it is a very responsible company. The most significant aspect to highlight is that Starbucks always makes sure that the product they buy and use was produced in a sustainable way. Thus, the company helps the whole industry thrive.

What should also be highlighted regarding the distinctive features of Starbucks is they that have been committed to offering as well as creating hundreds of career opportunities for people all over the world since 2015. Starbucks has a specific program that is called Opportunity Youth program with the help of which they are able to hire ten thousand people every year. The primary focus of the program is on the young people. Starbucks realizes that their target consumers are young people. What is more, the company believes that young people are the driving force of the future who are going to introduce tons of positive changes to the way we live nowadays. Therefore, Starbucks is trying to help young people implement all those ideas into life by offering them a job as a first step to doing that.

Another important aspect to highlight regarding the Opportunity Youth program is that young people typically bring a lot of fresh and unconventional ideas which presupposes that the company benefits from the program as well.

Taking everything into account, Starbucks is aimed not only at generating revenue, but also at introducing lots of positive changes and leading by example as they are one of those companies that understand what their social responsibility is and what they can do in order to introduce innovation as well as make customer experience much better.