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It is not important to know about what a politician does in his personal life essay sample

 political essay sample

As we look through our usual newspapers and news websites, we instantly come across politicians and everything connected to them. As all recent news from the office has been interpreted from every possible perspective, media people turn to the personal life of politicians. Gossips, speculations, and pictures created with graphical software invade news columns and websites making readers roll their eyes. Is it really so interesting for everybody to read such an utter gossip? Or why should we get into the personal life of politicians in the first place?

Voting for politicians and appointing them to run the office, state, or country, we suppose they are confident, honest, and ethical in their decisions. Personal traits and temperament greatly influence one’s behavior, and we can predict the outcome more clearly having an insight into the personal life of a political leader. How they treat their family and how they interact with friends? Do they sacrifice the well-being of their close ones to gain an advantage in politics? What are the person’s interests and leisure time activities? Answers to these question would help us to make an integral impression about influential people. But very few media actually take a look into the real personal life of politicians.

Cheap gossips would not help us to see a politician in a new light. Distorted or invented facts invaded the internet, and some people take them for truth. But true lives of famous people are usually safely hidden from paparazzi, and further speculation on their personal life makes no sense.