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Postponing parenthood essay sample

Postponing parenthood

The idea of postponing parenthood is actually a very reasonable decision as people want to have children when they are ready. Apart from that, it is completely possible these days as there are lots of different ways of contraception. As a result, the couple can easily decide when they want to have children and to start working on that as soon as they realize that it is time.

A lot of people want to be financially ready to have kids which is the reason why they are so concentrated on their career for a long time. The thing is that raising children takes a lot of effort. What is more, every parent obviously wants to provide their kid with everything they require and that quite often calls for having a sufficient sum of money. For instance, a lot of parents want to save enough for private schools and college for their children and it obviously takes time to earn all that money. Another aspect to mention in this respect is that there should be no pressure from the society regarding the period in life during which the couple decides to have children. It is their decision when to have children or not to have them at all. Read more by going to …