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Psychological theories of crime essay sample


It is impossible to view such issue as psychological theories of crime without paying proper attention to Sigmund Freud and his theory. You are obviously familiar with the main ideas that are highlighted in this theory. Each person has a set of instincts which we quite often tend to follow. What is more, some of those urges and drives which we have are repressed in our unconsciousness. Apart from that, Freud highlighted the fact that all human beings have criminal tendencies. One of those reasons why some people decided to follow those criminal instincts is faulty identification by a child with their parents.

Albert Bandura was famous for his Social Learning Theory. During one of his experiments children had to watch aggressive behavior. After that they unconsciously repeated such behavior. What it all presupposes is that the child is more likely to become a criminal when they observe it in their childhood. Do not hesitate to familiarize yourself with the rest of psychological theories of crime as well as appropriate examples by going to …