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Cultural criminology essay sample


As you have probably understood from the title, the aim of cultural criminology is to analyze and to understand the crime from the cultural perspective. To be more specific, criminals and the whole system itself are viewed as the products of culture.

Proper attention is paid to the following aspects: subcultural analysis, cultural geography, social identity, state control, resistance and the ongoing transformations. What is necessary to highlight is that the main idea is to reorient the field of criminology in such a way that more attention is paid to contemporary cultural changes. As a result, a postmodern criminology perspective is likely to arise.

As soon as you start researching the issue under consideration, you will realize that there are lots of issues to cover. What is more, this approach to criminology is relatively new which is the reason why you may need to dig deeper. In case you have realized that you require assistance with the accomplishment of that assignment, feel free to look through available materials at …