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Radical feminism essay sample



The issue of feminism has gained a negative connotation recently because of the fact that a lot of people believe that feminism is all about man hating and matriarchy. Surely, this idea is wrong as feminism is about social, economic and political equality between men and women.

Speaking about radical feminism, its main idea is that women have always been oppressed by men. What is more, its advocates can easily find a lot of examples in order to support their point of view. To be more specific, they are convinced that our society gives more privileges to men while women are left with nothing.

Another important aspect regarding the representatives of radical feminism is as follows: they oppose the existing social and political organization due to the fact that it is tied to patriarchy. Thus, their main aim is to change the culture itself. Radical feminists are rather skeptical when it comes to political initiatives regarding feminism. In order to familiarize yourself with detailed information on radical feminism as well as take a look at several examples, feel free to visit …