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Nepotism essay sample


You are obviously aware of the fact that nepotism can get a person really far in terms of career ladder. What is more, this person will not even have to do much as they already have all necessary people in all necessary places.

Nepotism occurs when relatives get better positions at a company even when another employee is more suitable for the job. The most popular fields in which nepotism occurs are the following: business, politics, religion and entertainment.

In general, nepotism can be divided into two major types: political and organizational. What political nepotism presupposes is that the relative of some political figure gets the same position. Speaking about organizational nepotism, it means that the person gets promoted because of their family ties.

Another aspect to take into consideration regarding the issue in question is to view nepotism depending on a particular country. The thing is that there are lots of striking examples of nepotism in some countries. If you are willing to find out more about this subject, do not hesitate to go to …