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Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Essay sample


So, ‘Richard Cory’ is a poem written by Edwin Arlington Robinson. It is vital to highlight that it is a narrative poem. What is interesting to highlight about this poem is that it is written in the first person plural.

What should also be specified is that ‘we’ which the reader comes across while reading the poem refers to the people who live in that small town. They believe that Richard Cory is actually too well-educated as well as too rich to befriend him. Cory, in his turn, just wants to talk to people which is the reason why he walks around the town trying to start conversations with the citizens. The latter are unfortunately unable to understand that Richard Cory is looking for the common ground with them.

Speaking about the message of the poem, the idea is that it is completely wrong to judge people based on their appearances. What is also important to point out is that the language of the poem is rather straightforward. In addition, it can even be said that the tone of the poem is rather conversational. The word ‘and’ is used very often which helps to continue telling the story of Richard Cory adding more and more details.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘Richard Cory’ by Edwin Arlington Robinson is a narrative poem that tells the story of Richard Cory and his strong desire to connect with people who are unwilling to befriend him. In such a way, the issue of first impressions as well as judging people based on their appearance is highlighted in the poem.