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Robotic surgery. Essay sample


To begin with, it is vital to explain what robotic surgery is. Thus, it is a surgery which is computer-assisted.

This technique has become extremely useful nowadays due to the fact that it helps doctors perform tons of complex surgeries and make sure that there is more control, precision and flexibility. Such surgeries are typically done through tiny incisions. The technique itself has been approved in 2000. Then, it became widely used both in Europe and in the United States of America so that to perform tons of different surgeries.

The advantages of robotic surgery include quicker recovery, fewer complications after the surgery, less noticeable scars as well as less blood loss and pain. In such a way, minimally invasive surgery becomes possible with this technique.

Obviously, there are certain risks to take into consideration as well. Among them are the typical risks that are similar to those when having a conventional surgery as well as the potential risk of getting infected or experiencing complications after the surgery. What one needs to keep in mind is that robotic surgery is not suitable for everyone which presupposes that one needs to talk to their doctors so that to discuss the possibility of robotic surgery.

Taking everything into consideration, robotic surgery offers the field of medicine tons of new possibilities, such as being able to perform complex surgeries with fewer risks for a patient and saving more lives in general. What is more, this technique also helps to overcome the limitations of traditional surgeries performed by humans. Even though the field still needs development and improvement, the benefits of robotic surgery are quite obvious as fewer risks are involved.