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Sex crimes essay sample


Before you start digging deeper into such notion as sex crime, you need to understand what it is as well as we what types of crimes fall into this category.

Well, these are usually those types of crimes that involve coerced or illegal sexual conduct even though the other individual is against it. Speaking about the United States of America, laws against prohibiting such types of sex crime as sexual assault or rape differ depending on each particular state. What is more, the time period within which a person can file a lawsuit is limited as well. Again, a lot depends on the state in which such sex crime has occurred.

The problem is that there are more sex crimes than we know of. What is means is that not every person has the courage or opportunity to file a lawsuit. It is necessary to take into account a lot of aspects. For instance, the person who has been raped may simply fear for their life as soon as they tell the police their story. Read more on the issue of sex crimes here …