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Teenage pregnancy essay sample


There is no need to highlight the fact that teenage pregnancy is a topical issue these days. Perhaps, the reason why it happens is because of the fact that most schools lack proper sex education classes. As a result, a lot of girls remain unaware regarding the way in which it is possible for them to get pregnant. What is more, a lot of girls do not even know that there are lots of possible ways of protection. Apart from the fact that they will be able to lower the risks of getting pregnant sufficiently, they will also protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Information regarding ways of protecting girls from getting an unwanted pregnancy should be shared. The thing is that teenage pregnancy can become a serious problem for a girl. Apart from all social implications, this is a serious psychological issue which may be quite difficult for a teenage girl to comprehend. If you are interested in the subject under consideration, do not hesitate to read more about it by going to …