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Should abortion be legal? essay sample

Should abortion be legal?

In case you are currently working on the issue of legal abortion, keep in mind that you will obviously need to cover the points of view of both advocates and opponents.

In order to learn more about the subject in question, start with the pros of legal abortion. Thus, you will learn that the US Supreme Court has declared that the right for abortion is a fundamental right of every woman. Besides, every woman has control over her body and her decisions should not be dictated by her boyfriend/husband, family, friends, the government or the society. What should also be highlighted regarding the subject under consideration is that fetuses are unable to feel pain at that stage. Besides, abortion does not cause any health issues in future.

Opponents of legal abortion state that abortion is murder, especially when one takes into account ethical and moral aspects. Apart from that, they also highlight the fact that every human being deserves to live. Another aspect necessary to mention is that an unborn baby does not have the right to decide whether they want to live as the choice is made for them. Anyway, feel free to take a look at additional information at …