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Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process? essay sample

Do electronic voting machines improve the voting process?

Well, there are lots of benefits when it comes to such notion as electronic voting machines. To begin   with, they are very practical. In addition, they are able to capture the initial intent of the voter which also presupposes that the chances of falsification are going to be sufficiently lower. What should also be mentioned is that getting results is faster when electronic voting machines are used. Besides, they are very easy to use which is why no one is going to have any troubles with them.

Surely, one of the most obvious drawbacks of an electronic voting machine is that it is possible to hack them. As a result, the results are going to be falsified. Taking all that into consideration, one can still highlight the fact that electronic voting machines are a great alternative to the traditional voting procedure. If you want to find out more about the history of voting machines and the time when this idea was first implemented, keep in mind that you can come across this information as well as other useful materials on the subject as soon as you go to …