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Should any vaccines be required for children? essay sample

Should any vaccines be required for children?

Well, you are obviously aware of the fact that such issue as vaccination is controversial. In order to come up with a proper research regarding the subject in question, you will need to take into consideration both pros and cons. The first thing which is necessary to mention is that vaccination can actually save lives. It has been estimated by the American Academy of Pediatrics that 90-99% of childhood vaccines have been effective. The ingredients which are used in vaccines are safe. Besides, major medical organizations also state that vaccination is safe and necessary.

However, there are people who are against vaccinating their children. Their main arguments include the following statements. Sometimes vaccines cause severe or even fatal side effects. Each person has the choice whether to vaccinate their child or not and the government should not intervene in that decision. Thus, people’s rights are violated when the government requires mandatory vaccination. In case you are willing to read more on the subject of vaccination these days, keep in mind that you can find all necessary information here …