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Should more films about environmental issues be produced? essay sample

Films about environmental issues essay sample

Climate change is happening right now, and neither officials nor climatologists can deny it so far. Our planet will hardly remain the same in a couple of decades, and there is a sad statistics. Animals go extinct, plants vanish, landscapes lose their primary properties. Both humans and animals lose their habitat because of dramatic changes and harsh weather conditions. It looks like we cannot modify such deep climatic processes. Nevertheless, there are ways to ease the man-made environmental pressure at the very least.


Tackling climate change is a challenging and global goal. We cannot just transfer to renewable energy in a couple of years and claim that no harm to the atmosphere is done. We shall tackle our personal emissions in the first place – waste and toxic garbage we leave behind. Taking care of climate is not only a governmental but also a strong personal goal. We shall live in harmony with nature and provide environmental education to others. The lack of education is one of the reasons why people often ignore such serious issues as climate change.


In terms of mass education, we shall consider movie makers and their impact on the minds of the audience. In terms of ecology this time. In the 21st century, several directors already focused on the problem of climate change. The Day after Tomorrow hit the screens in 2004 and told the story of an enormous natural disaster that spread around the world. The science fiction film shows scenes that make the viewers freeze of thrill. Another disastrous movie, Pandora, 2016, shows the scenes of the Fukushima disaster. Major nuclear catastrophes make an unforgettable impact, and plenty of documentaries usually follow the incidents. Fiction movies attract even greater attention to the topic. Obviously, filmmakers shall keep producing films regarding climate concerns.