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How can standardized tests improve education? essay sample

tests improve education Since No Child Left Behind Act was introduced in 2002, standardized tests have become teachers’ favorites. They required students to answer maximum questions in minimum time filling in the answer sheets that can be checked by a processing machine. Standardized tests allowed to comprehensively check students achievement in math, science, and many other disciplines. Despite the results of American students are lower than average internationally, Chinese students have proven that the system can work perfectly. China is the country with a long tradition of standardized testing, and Chinese students scored top points in the international ranking.


For the last 15 years, standardized testing became a highly debatable matter. Proponents claim that tests estimate students’ knowledge better than any examination being most objective and non-discriminative. Tests allow checking students knowledge on the very broad segment of the curriculum with their multiple-choice questions. They encourage teachers to give more material and encourage fast learning. At the same time, drawbacks of standardized tests raise concerns in parents.  American students have never been as distressed as preparing for standardized tests. Their results look disappointing, and eventually failed tests cut down GPA.


Looking at the bright side, standardized testing stimulates more focused and effective learning. With every other year, students face bigger curricula, and there is no other way to deal with them but to learn fast and effective. Besides, it is worth learning how to deal with tests as they follow employees in all fields. Elimination of bias is also important to students assessment. Tests create the most objective and impersonal means of interaction between teachers and students.