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Should the tobacco industry be obliged to donate to lung cancer research? Essay sample

Social activists and NGOs usually blame tobacco companies for acting irresponsibly within their industry. They manufacture, advertise, and sell the product that for sure causes cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The rate of illness is so high in the US that it puts an excessive pressure on Medicare. Money from the federal budget goes for curing chronic smokers dependent on tobacco products sold by the companies. At the same time, cigarette manufacturers do not stay away from lung cancer research. But the labs relying on donations made by tobacco brands usually have to withstand the criticism of society. Even if we assume that tobacco companies are obliged to pay for cancer research, we cannot trust the results developed under such a donation. There are some cases when cancer research financed by cigarette brands provided dubious results, and we are most likely to question scientific findings derived under such a sponsorship. Cancer research is of a great importance to the present-day world community, but there is no use of the data people do not believe. Selling cigarettes is still an overwhelmingly profitable business, and big brands will stay at odds with healthcare providers and insurance companies in the near future. But buying and smoking cigarettes is more a problem of popular culture. Smoking is a personal choice of a person, but smokers are strongly influenced by their society. In many countries, smoking is still a popular everyday habit. That is why we need a strong education and certain anti-smoking propaganda to let people stay most sensible in their decisions.