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Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality? Essay sample

Corporate responsibility looks like a dubious strategy for companies that never tried it. Social and environmental friendliness costs money, and not all companies can decide to expand their budget on business sustainability right away. However, the experience of numerous sustainable companies around the world proves that social and environmental responsibility can return the invested dollars in the most beneficial way. Setting eco-friendly standards, companies generate a positive image that gives them a competitive advantage in the market. Consumers tend to choose companies that recycle, conserve, and rebuild infrastructure. Doing so customers feel as if they personally undertake sustainability; that is why buying from environmentally sustainable businesses is important for people. Open disclosure of operational risks is another lucrative opportunity for businesses. Being honest about current affairs and near financial future of the company decreases the operation cost and attracts investors. Keeping things clean and transparent is not merely a moral advantage of the management. This method of running business helps to retain staff and attract investors into the company. Strong and open risk management also helps to minimize losses associated with shadow manipulations that inevitably leak into every business. Sustainable management is always a win-win decision for companies that appreciate safety. Staying in the shadow, businesses can achieve some growth, however, the positive tendency can break every moment. Staying sustainable, companies remain honest with their partners, customers, and investors, which is crucial in every business.