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Social anxiety disorder essay sample


To put it simply, social anxiety disorder presupposes that a person has unreasonable and excessive fear of social situations. The reason why such person experiences anxiety is because of the fact that the person has irrational fear of being judged, closely watched as well as criticized by others.

In addition, the person who is suffering from social anxiety disorder is afraid that they are are going to look silly or embarrassing in public. One of the biggest fears is to be humiliated in public.

This is a very serious issue as such anxiety may turn into a panic attack, especially when the person is convinced that they lack social skills or experience talking to lots of people.

The consequences of social anxiety are different. The most common one is the lack of desire to interact with other people. Apart from that, people who suffer from social anxiety tend to start worrying about the situation before it happens. The thing is that the person understands that their fear is unreasonable. However, they are unable to overcome it. More on this issue is available at …