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Strain theory essay sample


The first aspect to take into consideration when you are dealing with the subject of strain theory is as follows: this theory presupposes that citizens may be pressured to commit crimes because of social structures that exist within the society.

The notion of deviance is of great importance when the issue in question is strain theory. Thus, there is a typology of deviant behavior which was proposed by Robert K. Merton. The typology is based on two criteria. The first one is the adherence of a person to cultural goals. The second one is the belief of a person in goal attaining. As a result, five types of deviance are differentiated: conformity, rebellion, innovation, ritualism and retreatism.

There is no doubt that you will need to read more on each particular type in order to understand this notion better. If you do not have time to deal with such issue, feel free to familiarize yourself with all available information as well as appropriate examples regarding the issue under consideration at …