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Crime classification systems essay sample


It is obvious that crime classification systems are significant in order to identify the type of crime as well as determine the exact type of crime behavior. Thus, certain information is collected and classified by crime investigators. This information is most commonly referred to as data. There are three main reasons why such data is collected. The first one is to increase the knowledge regarding different offenders and offenses. The second reason is the possibility to test theories regarding various causes of crime. The final one is merely to help with the development of public policy.

Speaking about crime classification systems in detail, the first system was established in the 18th century. The idea was to differentiate criminals from non-criminals by their physical appearance. As soon as the field of science has started to develop, such disciplines as sociology, biology and psychology began to introduce their approaches to the system of crime classification. If you are willing to read more on this subject as well as familiarize yourself with important details, feel free to visit …