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Success is only achieved through discipline and hard work essay sample

Success essay sample

We shall stick to discipline not only because our parents told us so. Discipline allows us to manage out time and responsibilities. It also prevents us from forgetting about essential tasks and neglecting our close ones. Thus, some discipline is not only the way to success; it is a basic demand of our employers and family members.

A disciplined person is frequently a hard-working one. Facing our choirs, we can hardly omit any of them to have some fun if we are responsible. As a rule, hard-working people become successful over the time but they usually possess more than the desire to work. Ambition and determination are essential to reach heights in any field, and hard-working people with such qualities are destined to get to the top.

Clearly, no one has ever fulfilled their dreams sitting still or playing video games. Some young people inherit property and business of their wealthy parents but the others find their own ways to prosper. Importantly, no one is born with prominent skills or mastery, we have only some talents that can be developed or neglected. And the outcome depends on no one but us.

Unfortunately, success does not come automatically with some amount of experience. People can work days and nights for the entire lifetime but do not get any award for that. But our determination makes the difference. Humans are more than machines that constantly function. They have wants that drive people to seek respect, influence, and emotional reward. Each of us is unique, and we can prove ourselves to be prominent in some field if we use all our intelligence and determination inherent to social beings.