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Learning new things should always be fun essay sample

Learning. Essay sample

Many students would like to enjoy classes and self-study but they simply cannot do that. However hard their teachers tried to threaten kids with tests and exams, the results hardly get any better. There is no way for a novice to appreciate sophisticated academic explanations ranked as highly credible.

The roots of ineffective teaching lie deeply in the scientific dimension. Most school manuals and books are written by senior teachers, professors, or academics who strive to demonstrate their own expertise. Loving their works, all these respectable people cannot get that children need simplified explanations, especially in such complicated subjects as math, physics, or chemistry. Instead of being a help, books make student’s mind wander that is a straight way to procrastination. Ridiculously, the current system of schooling requires attending classes in order to get paragraphs of the books explained by teachers. By the way, explanations are not always helpful either.

In order to make learning fun, teachers need superb interpersonal skills to create an inviting atmosphere in the class. Explaining material in a comprehensible way is a gift because students cannot get the teacher’s point in many classes. Certainly, teaching is an art that does not necessarily depend on how smart teachers are but rather on how understandable they can be. Speaking in a student’s language is not easy to adults. And many of them blame students for that.

We shall not involve every possible technology and device to make fun of a class. It is more about exploring interesting phenomena and their relevance in the real (non-academic) world. Children are capable of understanding much more than they do now, we only need to show them in which way every particular topic is essential.