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The labor movement. Essay sample


The main reason why labor movement started in the United States of America was to protect the common interests of workers. The first innovation that was introduced in terms of labor movement was the emergence of labor unions. The main aim of these organizations at that time was to fight for better wages, for better employment conditions as well as for the introduction of reasonable working hours.

Another important activity which is associated with the labor movement is as follows: people who took part in the labor movement wanted to stop child labor. In addition, they were fighting to be able to get aid for those workers who got injured during work. Later on, the representatives of the labor movement started to demand health benefits and retirement benefits. These things are absolutely normal nowadays. However, it took a lot of time before they were introduced. In order to familiarize yourself with some detailed historical facts regarding the subject of labor movement as well as simply learn more, do not hesitate to proceed to …