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The role of media in promoting sports worldwide essay sample

The role of media in promoting sports worldwide essay sample

As the mass media advanced, plenty of industries got their benefit from it. Traditional sponsorship and networking became digital with the rise of social media that allowed clubs to directly engage in the interaction with their fans. Radio and television still deliver sports events to their audience, but online media are powerful competitors. They help owners regulate the reputation of the club, create communication channels, and give way to new commercial opportunities.


Importantly, social media provide credible information for all users interested in sports. Clubs and organizations create authorized accounts on Twitter and Facebook to release the news first and comment on dubious facts appearing on the web. Breaking news remain questionable until moderators on social media confirm them. Therefore, social media facilitate direct interaction between clubs and fans.


Live streaming turned into a huge advantage of social media. More users view sports events, shows, and accompanying ads online making leagues and advertisers redistribute their attention to the digital space. In 2016, the NBA together with Twitter arranged broadcasting of original live programs to get closer to every fan. Soccer, football, baseball, and more games are now available online because of the firm grip of social networks. They are interested in growing their user’s database and advertisers, while sports leagues need to enlarge their communities of fans and marketing prospects. The mutual benefit leaves traditional mass media behind in this competition.


Not surprisingly, social media gave fans a greater insight into the personal lives of athletes. This is a highly important type of promotion as individual athletes make up the reputation of their clubs. Today fans become much closer to their favorite sports stars, which heightens the interest to sports events in general.