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Trickster essay sample


Who is the trickster? What does this notion stand for? In what fields is this term used most often? The answers to these questions is what you should begin your research with.

Perhaps, it is necessary to start dwelling upon the subject of trickster by providing more information regarding the mythological meaning. So, in mythology trickster represents a god, goddess, some spirit or an anthropomorphic animal.

Another important aspect which should be mentioned in this respect is that the Clown or the Trickster is the part of the Jungian archetype. This meaning of Trickster is quite often connected with literature as it can be observed in a lot of novels. Apart from that, the Trickster has its meaning in the field of modern African American literary criticism. This figure is the example of a person who is capable of fighting with the system as well as overcoming it. What is more, this is that kind of person who is going to overcome oppression as well. Feel free to read a more detailed description of the trickster at …