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Wage gap essay sample


Wage gap exists and it is not a myth. Men really do get more than women. To be more specific, women get only 75 cents of every dollar a man makes. This information has become public knowledge and is a widely discussed issue these days.

The problem is that the reasons why that happens is unclear. Why should a woman get less when she and her male colleague do the same amount of work and are currently occupying the same position? Perhaps, the problem is as follows: we still believe in those old-fashioned stereotypes that women are supposed to take care of the house as well as simply be housewives. Yet, our world is constantly changing and more and more women are focused more on their career rather than family. Apart from that, a lot of those women manage to successfully combine their work and home life. Women work as hard as men do which is the reason why their compensation should be the same as well. In order to familiarize yourself with details and statistic data, feel free to go to …