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Tough love essay sample


One of the approaches in the process of upbringing is called tough love. As you have probably understood from the name, it presupposes that parents show little emotion regarding their kids.

To be more specific, the main idea is to bring up a child who is ready to enter the tough adult world. Thus, the world is described as a violent place where you need to fight for the things you want in life. On the one hand, such approach is rather beneficial due to the fact that the child is not going to have unrealistic expectations of what life is like. On the other hand, everything is not that bad in our society meaning that there is still place for kindness and good deeds. The problem with the so-called approach of tough love is that children may feel as if they do not get enough love from their parents. As a result, some of them may grow up to be quite unemotional or even rude. In order to familiarize yourself with additional information, feel free to proceed to …