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What challenges do sport nutritionists face with the athletes? essay sample

What challenges do sport nutritionists face with the athletes? essay sample

Athletes usually face challenges, and not all of them are associated with endurance or physical strength. Correct nutrition is the primary condition for keeping a perfect fit. We are what we eat, and athletes clearly understand this saying as they need more energy and power in their muscles than an average person. Going in for sports, some people consume more protein additives or sports drinks to stay strong and active. But the athlete’s diet is not as simple as that.

Just like any average person, athletes frequently suffer from dehydration. Sports drinks cannot compensate for the fluid lost during workouts as athletes sweat much more than an average office clerk. Exercise may suppress the thirst mechanism, and many athletes believe that they drink enough water being dehydrated already. Nutritionists recommend athletes to drink enough fluid (without alcohol, caffeine, or soda) before, during, and after exercise.

Just like protein, carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. Many athletes treat carbs suspiciously, but anyway they make up our energy tank. Lacking glycogen given by carbohydrates, athletes experience fatigue, weakness of muscles, and nausea. As physical and mental performance directly depends on glycogen, athletes among all professionals shall not neglect carbs. Fruits and vegetables are not enough, and it is better to eat healthy snacks a couple of times a day.

Even consuming enough carbohydrates, athletes do not necessarily have them digested. It happens as the diet lacks variety. Consuming multiple carbohydrates will increase their absorption and ensure a boost of energy. Poor digestion is much more critical to an athlete who always needs enough energy to perform at the required level.