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Does an athlete need a sport manager? essay sample

Does an athlete need a sport manager? essay sample

Sport is not only regular exercise but also business that makes profit creating jobs and hiring athletes. There are marketing professionals, accountants, and salespeople in sports; they arrange games, release tickets, work with teams and their managers. The latter is essential for every team who work in their sports. We need management in every type of business, and sport is not an exception.

Coaching athletes is not enough to run an effective business, and sports managers take over numerous essential duties. In teams, such a manager hires and fires athletes, negotiates their payment, and draws up the contract for each athlete. Sports managers also work for schools supplying teams with all necessary equipment. They also issue grants to the brightest young athletes. And of course, sports managers work as agents with individual athletes who constantly need to negotiate contracts with employers.

Hiring a sports manager is crucial to teams and schools in the first place. If there is money (grants, salaries) to distribute, sports managers take care of all financial issues. They also make sure that every athlete in a team has all necessary equipment and uniform. Individual athletes can handle most of these issues themselves, but all such accounting takes a lot of time necessary for workouts or rest.

Hiring a sports manager is an additional expenditure, and athletes hire one if they can allow a personal manager. Many high-rank athletes work with the same managers for years, building trust and effective cooperation. Most sports celebrities have a manager to take care of their huge incomes and expenses, and this way of doing business is comfortable for both parties.