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What current ideas are scientists researching to eliminate the problem of malaria? Essay sample



Once a common mosquito-borne disease, malaria is now absent in most countries of the world. Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia remain the only affected areas, and the disease is mostly transmitted by travelers and immigrants. Center for Disease Control and Prevention currently conducts strategic research aimed at eliminating existing cases of malaria. According to CDC, 216 million cases of the disease were registered worldwide.


Today developed countries have quite effective tools to resist malaria. Among them, artemisinin-based combination therapies, indoor residual spraying, and insecticide-treated bed nets. Each of these measures is already effective on its own. Besides, existing interventions are constantly updated. Rapid Malaria diagnostic tests allow detecting malaria quickly out of hospital settings. Durable wall liners are installed in sleeping rooms; they reduced the incidents of malaria by 38% in Kenya. Preventing malaria is all about eliminating human contact with parasites. In the malaria-endemic world, the same mosquitoes also transmit lymphatic filariasis that must be addressed as well. That is why developing better malaria-prevention tools is highly important to the affected regions.