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What do we know about schizophrenia? essay sample

What do we know about schizophrenia?

The most important aspect you need to understand about such notion as schizophrenia is that it is a disorder which makes people act and perceive reality abnormally. The most common symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations as well as disordered behavior and thinking.

It is also important to highlight the fact that schizophrenia is not similar to multiple personality disorder or split personality disorder. The word itself presupposes that the person has a disrupted balance of emotions and thinking. Do not forget that schizophrenia is a chronic disorder which is the reason why it requires constant and continuous treatment.

Speaking about the age at which a person usually starts to show the symptoms of schizophrenia, men typically begin to show some symptoms in the early or mid-20s. Women usually show symptoms in the late 20s. In order to cover this issue as well as come up with a properly done research, keep in mind that you can easily take a look at all necessary resources regarding the subject under consideration as soon as you proceed to …