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Difference between spirituality and religion essay sample

Difference between spirituality and religion

Perhaps, the main difference between spirituality and religion is that spirituality is something within the person. It is the deep feeling which the person has and which can be realized in the process of showing love and tolerance towards others as well as doing good. The person may or may not believe in God but this person might also belief in something that is hard to explain.

Religion, in its turn, is the institution which has been established by man. The bad news is that it is quite often the way in which some people try to gain control over other people. Thus, it does not always serve its higher purpose. Apart from that, you are clearly aware of those stories when churches are used simply as a mechanism of getting money through donations and spending those money on material goods for those people who work in this church. As you have already understood, it has nothing to do with the person’s belief in God. In case you need to take a look at evidence supporting your theoretical assumptions, feel free to proceed to …