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What is the role of a sports psychologist? essay sample

What is the role of a sports psychologist? essay sample


If most of us need to see a therapist from time to time, athletes require the help of psychologists above all. Sometimes they are stressed beyond the limit or simply need some help to learn fast and efficiently. After all, showing the best performance requires more than regular workouts. It also depends on the athlete’s readiness to new challenges, their ability to comprehend new skills and adapt to a hostile environment.


Focusing on their physical strength, athletes frequently overlook their thinking of themselves and of the ongoing event. Here sports psychologists enter the field with the essential mental training. First, they help athletes overcome fears concerning their performance and destroy low self-esteem. Being a perfectionist does not help people in sports in particular so that psychologists try to cope with this virtuous inclination in players.


Besides posing a threat to the athlete’s fear, a sports psychologist is also a tutor. They teach confidence, focus, mental resilience, perseverance, and trust in athletic performance. In competitions, the athlete’s response frequently defines what happens next, and gaining control over one’s thoughts and emotions helps players to escape unpredictable situations. Besides perfectionism, there are more traits undermining success, like impatience or acting on impulse. Sports psychologists help athletes reshape their understanding of daily routine for the sake of their performance.


It is also common for sports psychologists to work with athletes after an injury. In most sports, an injury automatically limits future abilities of athletes. For many of them, returning to sports after getting injured is a spectacular achievement already, which increases the demand for psychologists in the industry.