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What will be the most important issues in the next Presidential election cycle? essay sample

Presidential election essay sampleThe next presidential election is 2 years ahead, and it is high time to think of the most important issues for candidates to highlight. Apparently, the US has many problems that show up every time there is even little chance to improve things. Interestingly, these issues remain the same every year. International affairs are most likely to make top 3 debatable issues in the election. Here belong nuclear weapons, the wars in the Middle East, and the national debt. In the social sphere, education, healthcare, and gun violence will certainly attract the electorate’s attention.


The US was the first country to create nuclear weapons, but it did not hold the monopoly. Today, more than 90% of nuclear warheads belong to Russia and the United States. The use of nuclear weapons is supposed to be strictly controlled by the Nonproliferation Treaty except the nuclear arsenals of India, Israel, and Pakistan that never signed the document. That is why control of nuclear weapons is a major concern to political players. The same refers to the continual military involvement of the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.


It is also very common for politicians to address major social problems in their campaigns. The US education recently became almost scandalous with overcrowded classes and students struggling to pass tests. The credibility of the entire system is undermined, and parents want their candidates to take urgent actions regarding public schools. Gun violence is another big problem that concerns schools. More people realize that they cannot ignore free gun ownership and push authorities to take immediate actions. Such urgent problems fueled by social fears will certainly appear in future candidates’ speeches.