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How has social media helped influence the world in a positive way? essay sample

social media essay sampleSocial media has progressed only recently, but they already caused a heated debate about their effects. Children are typically claimed to overuse media websites, however, their parents also often ignore primary tasks texting or surfing on Facebook. Social media are also responsible for an increase in cyberbullying so common among youngsters. Lately, there are a lot of talks about the breach of privacy by different social media. However, Facebook and other websites are not a source of trouble. In many ways, they have changed our lives for the better.


First and foremost, social media shift our attention to what is urgent and relevant. Social events go viral, and posts that demand an immediate reaction of the readers appear in our newsfeed in a second. That is how we become aware of other people troubles and move away from individualism. Social media is also a great place for group communication. Again, we give up individualism joining communities and paying attention to what other people are posting. Also, social media are a perfect means to keep up with lots of people whenever they are. Staying connected is not a new demand for people, but social media are perfect for keeping us together.


Besides benefits for personal communication, social media provide numerous opportunities for businesses. Advertising has never been so effective before. Targeted ads are affordable even for small businesses and work best appearing in the newsfeed. Social media push forward the commerce, even for those who do not buy advertising from Facebook. Promotions of brands can be clearly achieved through social media accounts.