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Work week length essay sample


The issue of implementing a four-day working week has been at the forefront recently which is the reason why this issue can be considered to be quite topical.

There are lots of reasons why having a four-day working week might actually be a really great idea. Perhaps, the most important aspect in this respect is as follows: the thing is that working four days a week allows the employee to get more rest. As a result, the come back to work refreshed. What is more, it increases their productivity. Surely, it helps the employees to come up with great unconventional ideas as well.

Another great benefit of the four-day working week is that the company is actually going to spend less. To begin with, the bills for electricity will be lower. What is more, it is really advantageous for the employees as they will not have to spend money on commute apart from all other reasons. Need more detailed information as well as some statistic data regarding the issue in question? Feel free to proceed to …