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World War II: What was the impact of propaganda and its use in the United States? essay sample



Propaganda follows any armed conflict in the world. Propaganda is a necessary condition to mobilize volunteers, lift the spirit of soldiers, and keep civil citizens under control. By 1941, the US already used propaganda in World War I. Back then, propaganda did not work quite as the federal government expected, and authorities decided just to release information for citizens. Nevertheless, businesses and government needed this propaganda, therefore, the federal government initiated the wartime call to action.


Writing and distribution of propaganda were the tasks of special agencies. The largest of them were the Writers War Board and the US Office of War Information. The first one was responsible for writing all the necessary propaganda, and the last delivered war propaganda where it was possible. Back then, there were already multiple channels to deliver propaganda. Radio, newspapers, magazines, leaflets, and posters were the primary tool for propaganda. War-time posters called volunteers to join the army and empowered women who had to keep households and industries functioning. Support of the war effort was essential to government, and it was the central topic of American war-time propaganda.