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World War II: What were the contributions of women? essay sample



By the time of World War II, women had every right to express and utilize their civic position. More than 300,000 of American women served in the US Armed Forces, and everyone else kept households and industrial objects. Homefront was no less important than the battlefield. Women sew uniform and sent provision to soldiers as it was the least they could do. At this time, General George Marshall had already supported the women’s service branch in the army, which gave women a full military status.


Besides the Women’s Army Corps, women also joined Marine Corps and Airforce Service. Women obtained pilot’s licenses and flew American military aircraft. Aviation saw the greatest increase in women workforce. By 1943, women represented 65% of total workforce in the industry. The increase was partially caused by the US government’s propaganda, which created the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter. Pictured as a strong bandanna-clad woman, Rosie encouraged more women to enter the workforce during the war. In 1940-1945, the representation of women in the workforce increased almost by 40%, which was a dramatic change in the American society.