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Are there any technological developments that will likely affect us in 2030? Essay sample

Technological developments in 2030 Essay sample

Predicting future is often a losing game. We cannot precisely anticipate the weather forecast for tomorrow, and discussing the future of technology sounds like science fiction. Nevertheless, 2030 is almost 10 years ahead, and we can say for sure that nothing dramatic will happen in such a short period. We will hardly set colonies on Mars and print human organs with 3D printers that fast. However, some of the recent innovations will certainly change our lives in the following decade.


Self-driving vehicles and smart machines are already here. Drone delivery is a highly-appreciated invention that will improve the quality of services and clients satisfaction. Businesses will find drones most efficient as the machines work fast and precise. No human error will spoil the delivery when it is done by a drone. Self-driving taxi is another example of the next decade. As soon as we get more comfortable with autonomous vehicles in the streets, we will choose them to drive us home. Taxi users will find a ride without driver safe and comfortable. In future, such a self-driving taxi will also become cheaper.