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Does the average person have an impact on technological development? Essay sample

Technological development Essay sample

Technology has already made a considerable impact on our everyday life. We actually cannot take a  step without a couple of devices in our pocket. Someone says we are overly dependent on cell-phones, laptops, and plenty of smart devices. Indeed, we cannot turn back to the life where TV and radio have been the latest technology. On the other hand, the progress did not happen by itself. We have created all these digital devices aiming to simplify our daily routine. No one has impacted technological development more than ourselves.


Development of the latest technology is always associated with engineers who ingrain new algorithms into plastic and metal. But still, we can strongly influence developers as consumers. Most devices are produced for mass market. Electric, hydrogen, and self-driving cars are also expected to enter mass market one day even if they cannot make it right now. Each of us forms the demand, and the demand of the majority is taken into account in the first place.