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Black Death and Hundred Years War essay sample


Black Death is another name for the Plague which was one of the most horrifying pandemics in the world history. Research data suggest that from 75 to 200 million died because of it.

It is believed that the cause of the plague was the oriental rat flea. While living on black rats, fleas sucked their blood that contained plague germs. Then, fleas jumped on humans and the disease was passed to them as a result of that. It was one of the most devastating periods in the history of the world.

Speaking about the effects of the plague, the first one to mention is the decline in population. A lot of people died. Historians are still not quite sure what the actual number is. What is more, prices obviously became higher as a result of the decline in trade. In addition, peasants wanted to be paid more but their demands were clearly not supported which, in its turn, resulted in numerous revolts.

Another vital aspect to highlight is the loss of the church prestige. The thing is that a lot of people prayed for the disease to stop but it did not help. Thus, people blamed the church for that.

One of the biggest problems was the fact that people could not understand how the disease spread. To specify, people did not know that the disease was caused by the germs. The main belief at that time was that the body of an ill person was poisoned.

Taking everything into consideration, the Black Death was one of the most significant as well as one of the most devastating events in the world history.