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China Ancient History essay sample


It is a well-known fact that China has one of the oldest cultures in the world. The name of the country can be translated as ‘central state’ or ‘middle empire’.

The first centralized government in China was organized around 5000 BCE with the help of prehistoric Xia Dynasty. Yu the Great was the one who founded the dynasty. One of his greatest achievements was the control of the flooding of the Yellow River because of which farmers’ crops were destroyed. Yu the Great managed to do that. Another achievement during the period of his reign was the defeat of the Sanmiao tribes. As a result of that, it allowed Yu the Great to reign until his death.

What should also be highlighted in terms of Yu the Great and his reign is that he was the one who introduced the concept of dynasty and the succession system. All next generations followed this system.

Another important historical period was the reign of the Qin industry. What is particularly interesting to highlight is that this period is also known as the Imperial Era of China. The thing is that this time signifies the beginning of the construction of the Great Wall of China. Shi Huangdi, who was the ruler at that time, ordered to start the process of building the wall. He was also the one who developed the infrastructure of the region of the time. In such a way, more roads were built which contributed greatly to the increase in trade. What is more, it helped to create new travel routes as well.

All in all, China has a very rich ancient history as well as one of the most impressive cultures in the world.