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Crime prevention essay sample


The reason why it is necessary to have a lot of ideas regarding such issue as crime prevention is obvious. If we are able to prevent crime, our world will definitely be a better place which presupposes that we will not have to solve all these crime problems.

However, nowadays it is impossible to imagine the world without crime not because we do not want to but because we simply cannot do it. The number of criminals is huge and it is constantly rising. What is more, new types of crime are developing. To be more specific, cybercrime has become quite popular these days. The idea is to steal money from your credit card, hack your computer as well as steal your personal/sensitive information. In addition, identity theft is one of the forms of cybercrime and this issue is very serious as getting your identity back is not that simple.

In case you want to familiarize yourself with different ways in which it is possible to either prevent or at least decrease the level of crime in today’s world, do not hesitate to proceed to …