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Identity theory essay sample


To put it simply, identity theory is a combination of views which a person has regarding the relationship of mind and body. It is interesting to dwell upon the social identity theory as the issue is viewed in relation to various social factors.

So, social identity is the self-concept of an individual in relation to their membership in a relevant social group. In other words, it is the way an individual sees himself or herself in the social stratum. Due to the fact that such motion as social identity theory has been introduced, the whole issue of social identity has arisen. As a result, the concept of social identity is used in order to dwell upon the issue of intergroup behavior.

There are several aspects of the social identity theory. They are as follows: the inerpersonal-intergroup continuum; positive distinctiveness and its strategies; social creativity, individual mobility and social competition. If you require more information on the subject in question, feel free to familiarize yourself with everything you need at …