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Disadvantages of not using a VoIP recorder. Essay sample


VoIP recording refers to voice over internet protocol recording which was first used in call centers but is now widespread among tons of businesses.

Speaking about those disadvantages which a business might experience in case they do not use a VoIP recorder, the first one to mention is that a company will not be able to provide its customers with safety and better results. If a call is recorded for quality and training purposes, it means that the company will not only review it, but will also do their best to make your experience with them much better.

Another aspect to take into consideration is that call recording protects the business. The process of recording calls presupposes that a business is honest about everything they do and is willing to provide necessary proof in case they face a dispute, for instance. What is more, it has become cheaper to get recording space which presupposes that a massive amount of data can be stored in a small physical space.

Apart from that, there are organizations in which mandatory recording has been predetermined by law. It is a useful feature as it helps to protect a consumer against fraud which is a very important issue for banks and their clients.

Taking everything into consideration, the main disadvantages of not using VoIP are not being able to provide the consumers with safety; having no possibility to view how service is provided in order to make that experience better; having no proof in order to protect one’s business because of the absence of VoIP as well as not being able to protect one’s customers against fraud.